We are proud to have direct relationships with all our farmers, and owe this amazing opportunity for traceability and transparency to Mike and Veronica Bradley of Veronica Foods.

Due to the philosophy and efforts of this amazing family-run business, Veronica Foods and Veronica Foods Olive Oils have a world-class reputation for sourcing the highest-quality, award-winning products in the world.  Due to their amazing passion, Veronica Foods has the exclusive North American rights for some of the world’s most decorated olive oil estates in the world, such as Spain’s Oro Bailen.  Veronica Foods helps us to bulk buy with other stores, so we can bring you the freshest Veronica Foods Olive Oils in the world.

Veronica Foods olive oils are also Ultra Premium (UP) Certified Olive Oils.  The UP-certification is the highest standard within the extra virgin category.  To ensure the oils we sells are the freshest available, Veronica Foods seeks the highest quality oils from both hemispheres, so every 6 months Veronica Foods follows the harvest: in May for countries such as Chile and Peru and Australia, or in October and November for Veronica Foods olive oils sourced from the Mediterranean or California.

Veronica Foods Olive Oils are non-GMO certified.