If we have had the pleasure of welcoming you to our store in beautiful Gibsons Landing, then you will have seen the information cards we post on each of our kegs (called fustis in Italian).  We receive so many requests for email copies of these cards (thank you for the compliment!) that we decided to make them available online.  Please feel free to print or share these. Please note, some of these cards represent former stock, or items that are either seasonal or so popular we may not always have them in stock.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oils



Coratina SA






Nevadillo Blanco

Organic Coratina

Organic Picual



Fused “Agrumato” Olive Oils

Baklouti Green Chilli oil

Blood Orange Olive Oil

Whole Fruit Fused Eureka Lemon Oil

Infused Oils Olive Oils

Organic Basil Olive Oil

Organic Butter Olive Oil

Organic Infused Garlic Olive oil

Organic Herbes De Provence Olive oil

Organic Persian Lime Olive Oil

Organic Tuscan Herb

Organic Wild Mushroom & Sage


Specialty Oils and Vinegars

Serrano Honey Vinegar

Black Truffle olive oil

White Truffle olive oil

Dark Balsamic Vinegar Infused

Aged Black cherry

Aged Blackcurrant

Aged Blackberry-ginger

Aged Cinnamon-pear

Aged Dark chocolate

Aged Dark espresso

Aged Fig

Aged Pomegranate Dark Balsamic Vinegar

Aged Raspberry Dark Balsamic Vinegar

Aged Red apple

Aged Strawberry

Aged Tangerine

Aged Vermont maple

Aged Wild blueberry


White Balsamic Vinegar

alfoos mango

Aged coconut

aged grapefruit

aged peach

cara-cara orange vanilla


sicilian lemon