Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oils


Robust Intensity Extra Virgin Olive Oils offer high levels of two desirable olive oil flavour attributes: bitterness and pungency. These two characteristics attest to the youth and health of the olive, as well as to the levels of anti-oxidants in the oil. Bitterness and pungency, although not common characteristics of mass-market olive oil are traits considered highly desirable by professional olive oil tasters, as they are one indication of the quality of an olive oil. Robust intensity olive oils are best paired with the strongest flavoured foods, although some of our customers who have acquired a taste for them use them in salad applications. Due to their exceptional levels of anti-oxidants, these oils are suitable for higher temperature cooking, so they are the best choice for roasting, frying and marinating. The very low acidity level of all our olive oils means they have extremely high smoke points. ROBUST OILS ARE AN EXCELLENT CHOICE FOR ANYONE WHO IS CHOOSING OLIVE OIL FOR MEDICINAL PURPOSES.

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