Please note: we are extremely grateful for pre-orders for pickup, but since we receive many of them daily, your order will take at least a couple of hours before it is ready. You will receive a second email when your in store pickup is ready.



On our homepage, hover over the words SHOP  ONLINEin the main menu.  We’ve added a red arrow to show you where that is, but you won’t see that arrow on our website.



2) This will open a set of categories.  Let’s say you want to buy our Lemon Olive Oil.  You would then move your mouse to the appropriate category and click on it (for Lemon Oil, you choose “Infused and Agrumato Style Olive Oils”)

3) This will open up a new page with our flavoured oils on it.  Hint: not all the flavours may fit on your screen so you can select the next page if needed. Once you find Lemon Olive Oil, click on  “select options” for that flavour.











4) This will open the page for that flavour, where you can find lots of information about that flavour.  To purchase the Lemon Olive Oil you need to add it to your cart.  To do that you have to first select a size from the drop down menu.

5) Then you can adjust the quantity you want to purchase and click ADD TO CART.

6) Once a product is added to your cart, you will get a notification at the top of your screen telling you what was added to your  cart (see arrow on left).  If you want to view your cart, you can select view cart (arrow on right).

7) You will also see a change in the upper right of your screen.  There is a shopping cart image, and when you add an item to the cart, the number over the cart will change.  If you hover over the shopping cart image, the contents of your cart will pop up.


8) Return to SHOP ONLINE (at step 1) to keep adding items to your cart.  If you want to remove an item from the shopping cart cart, click on your cart and select VIEW CART .  Here you can add or subtract to the quantities of any item already in your cart.

9)  Once you are ready to complete your order,  click on your cart, scroll down and select CHECKOUT.  You may need to hover over your cart again to see this option.

9) During checkout you can

  • choose to sign up with an online account (which will save your order history for you as well as make it faster the next time you order).
  • Choose to pick up your order in store, ship to yourself, or ship to another person.
  • Choose to pay by credit card, Paypal account or e-transfer.
  • Add a note for our staff, which can include a gift message for the person receiving the package

10) How the checkout process works will be different if you a) have registered an online account with us or b) prefer to checkout as a guest,


First you need to choose your shipping method:  in store pickup or flat-rate shipping.  Sometimes we have other shipping options

Then you will scroll down and select PROCEED TO CHECKOUT


11) Now you add your name and address, called Billing Address.  You also have the option of clicking two boxes on this page.

One box, on the bottom of the screen, will allow you to create an online account for faster checkout.  If you do not click this box you can still checkout as a guest.

The second box at the top of the screen allows you to ship the order to someone other than you.  If you do not click this box the order will shipped to the address you entered in the Billing Address section. If you are planning to PICKUP your order, then uncheck the box and proceed to the next section.


12) On this page you can also add a note to staff or a gift message for us to include in the parcel.


13) Next you will need to choose your payment method.  You can enter a credit card, use your Paypal account or pay by e-transfer (if you choose this method, your order will not process until we receive your e-transfer). Then once everything in your order is how you want it, scroll down and click PLACE ORDER.

After you click PLACE ORDER you will see a confirmation number on your screen.  If you do not see a confirmation on your screen, your order may not have been placed.  if your order has been placed, you will also receive a confirmation email. HINT: if you use gmail, please check your Social and Promotions folder.  Also check your Trash or Spam.  If you add us as a contact in your email program your order emails should go straight to your inbox.  Your order will now be in the order queue. When we complete all orders ahead of yours, we will start to pour your order.    You will receive a second email from us when your order is ready for pickup or has shipped.

If you have further questions, email us at:



The checkout process starts with confirming your billing address.  On the top right hand side of the page you can choose to ship to another address by checking the box.  If you are shipping to same address as your billing address OR ordering for in store pickup, then UNCHECK the box.