11 frequently asked questions about EVOO answered in 11 seconds or less

What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

The ‘oily’ olive fruit juice extracted from fresh olives using a mechanical process which does not involve the application of excessive heat, additives or solvents.

Should I only buy first cold pressed oil?

Most extra virgin olive oil is produced by spinning the lighter oil away from the other heavier components of the olive such as water and olive matter using a centrifuge. So the term ‘cold pressed’ is redundant.

What’s the difference between extra virgin olive oil and other types of olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is a whole, unprocessed food and therefore contains higher amounts of healthy antioxidants. Conversely, ‘light’, ‘pure’, ‘olive oil’ and pomace oils are highly processed products.

Is ‘Pure’ olive oil better than Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

No. The word ‘Pure’ (together with ‘Light’) are purely marketing terms applied to refined olive oil. Pure sounds better than refined.

Do ‘light’ olive oils contain fewer calories than Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

No. All olive oils (and indeed all edible oils) have the same energy values.

This oil is bitter and peppery. Is it ok?

The bitterness and pepperyness indicates that the oil contains healthful antioxidants.. These characters complement the taste of strongly flavoured foods.

Is eating Extra Virgin Olive Oil good for my health?

EVOO’s contain significantly higher levels of monounsaturated fats and antioxidants than any other oil. These attributes are sought after by the health conscious.

Does the colour of olive oil indicate quality?

No. High quality extra virgin olive oils can appear emerald green through to golden yellow.

Where should I store Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

They should be stored in a cool dark place. For longer term storage where oils are used infrequently, refrigeration is a good option.

How long does Extra Virgin Olive Oil last?

They are best consumed young as fresh flavours and healthful polyphenols decline over time. So when the new season oils are released, buy them.

I’ve heard that you can’t cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil as its smoke point is too low. Is this true?

The temperature at which good quality (low acidity) extra virgin olive oil begins to smoke is significantly higher than what is needed to fry food (180C). So you can fry in EVOO.


from aromadictionary.com