Not PBJ, but ABB sandwich (Almond Butter and Raspberry Balsamic)

Needed for this Recipe:

Sunshine Coast Olive Oil Co. Aged Raspberry Dark Balsamic

• 2 Tablespoons almond butter
• ½ tsp Sunshine Coast Olive Oil Co. Aged Raspberry Dark Balsamic* plus a bit more to dribble on.
• fresh berries

*also good with Sunshine Coast Olive Oil Co. Aged Strawberry, Aged Wild Blueberry or for the adventurous: Aged Blackberry Ginger Dark Balsamic

Mix the almond butter and raspberry vinegar in a bowl.
Spread on bread, cracker or eat off the spoon!

Or you can mix balsamic and fresh berries and heat on low, reducing the balsamic to a thicker texture.

To add more kick:
Drizzle on a few more drops of raspberry vinegar (optional)
For an authentic PBJ experience, top with another piece of bread or cracker and serve with a glass of milk.