Matt’s Easy Lemon and Blackberry-Ginger Salmon

Matt loves salmon.  Fiona likes salmon, except for the salmon flavour!  This recipe, which Matt invented, makes them both happy.

Needed for this recipe:

Sunshine Coast Olive Oil Co. Eureka Lemon Olive Oil
Sunshine Coast Olive Oil Co. Aged Blackberry-Ginger Dark  Balsamic

fresh salmon fillet, cut into individual servings
a fresh lemon, thinly sliced
Sunshine Coast Olive Oil Co. Fused Eureka Lemon Olive Oil (1/2 teaspoon per serving)
and a bit extra for brushing on lemon slices
Sunshine Coast Olive Oil Co. Aged  Blackberry-Ginger Dark Balsamic (1/2 teaspoon per serving)
Salt and pepper to taste (we used freshly ground pink Andes salt)


Preheat oven to 385.
Slice lemon thinly (use a knife or chef’s mandoline)
Place salmon servings in an oven-proof dish
drizzle with equal parts lemon oil and blackberry ginger balsamic
(1 teaspoon of each per serving)

Layer a lemon on top of each serving of salmon. Brush with lemon olive oil.
Grind fresh sea salt and pepper on top

Bake fish in oven 10-20 minutes, depending on thickness of the fillet. Fish should flake with a fork when done. Be careful not to let overcook or the fish will dry out.