Mike’s Caprese Salad

Our friend Mike sent in this recipe, which is a variation on the classic  Italian “Insalata Caprese” (Caprese Salad).  The …salad takes its name from the island of Capri, which is just off the coast of Campania, in Southern Italy. Campania is famous for its delicate, delicious “Mozzarella di Bufala”, or Buffalo Mozzarella.  Buffalo Mozzarella is made from the rare, sweet milk of the local water buffalo. There is a Canadian producer on Vancouver Island:https://www.naturalpastures.com/mozzadibufala If you can’t get Buffalo Mozzarella (I’ve seen it for sale at our local IGA sometimes), you can substitute with another fresh mozzarella or even bocconcini cheese.
Needed for this recipe:

Sunshine Coast Olive Oil Co.  Basil Olive Oil.
Sunshine Coast Olive Oil Co. <18 yr. Aged Traditional Balsamic:

Fresh tomatoes: 4 large ones like heirloom or 12 small cherry tomatoes
Fresh Mozzarella Cheese  (Buffalo if you can get it) OR Bocconcini cheese in a pinch
200 grams or so Fresh Basil -10-12 leaves
3-4 Tablespoons Himalayan Sea Salt Fresh Pepper

Thinly slice the tomatoes. Divide the slices between 4 salad plates. Using a finely serrated knife, thinly slice the fresh mozzarella, laying 4 slices over each plate of tomatoes. Cut the basil into strips (scissors work well OR place 4 leaves on top of each other and use a sharp knife). Lay the basil over the cheese and tomatoes. Mix the Organic Basil Olive Oil and the Traditional Aged Dark Balsamic and drizzle over each plate.  Finish with freshly ground Himalayan sea salt and pepper.