Camarones o Callo de Hacho (Shrimp or Scallops) Al Mojo de Ajo

I first had this dish in rural Mexico 30 years ago.  The restaurant was really a grass-roofed hut on a deserted beach, and after we ordered the waiter told us that it would be a few minutes because the fishing boat had not arrived yet with the catch of the day.  I only recently tried to recreate it, inspired by an over-abundance of garlic from my garden.

Needed for this recipe:
Sunshine Coast Olive Oil Co. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Robust Intensity) *
Sunshine Coast Olive Oil Co. Red Cayenne Chili Olive Oil **


12 large prawns, raw, tail on OR 12 large scallops or a blend of both.
1/2 cup robust intensity Sunshine Coast Olive oil Co. Extra Virgin Olive Oil*
1 entire head of garlic (6-10 cloves)
juice from 2 limes.
a dash of salt.

*also works with our Medium intensity olive oil, Persian Lime olive oil and Garlic Olive Oil

** also works with our Harissa or Baklouti Green Chili Olive Oils.


Peel the garlic, and remove the green ‘stem’ from inside.  Crush the garlic cloves or grate them on a zester.
Heat garlic and olive oil on medium low, for about 20 minutes.  Garlic should be soft and translucent, but not burn.
Add lime juice, and continue to heat oil, garlic and juice (Mojo de Ajo)  mixture on medium low for about twenty minutes.  Set aside.

Scoop out some of the flavoured oil and put in a saute pan.

SHRIMP:  Heat the pan medium high, add the shrimp, a dash of salt and toss quickly.    Shrimp is ready when pink throughout.

SCALLOPS: Heat the pan medium high, add scallops.  Sear them on  both sides quickly.  Cover with a lid and remove the pan from heat, letting the scallops steam to cook.

Add a drizzle of spicy oil (my favourite is our Red Cayenne Chili Oil) and stir into cooked shrimp or scallops.

When serving, top the shrimp with all the remaining Mojo de Ajo (garlic, lime oil mixture).