Caramelized Peaches with Cinnamon-Pear Balsamic Drizzle

A variation on a recipe generously shared with me by Ron & Lucie from Gibsons

Needed for this recipe:

Sunshine Coast Olive Oil Co. Aged Cinnamon-Pear Dark Balsamic (reduced)


1/4 -1/2 cup of brown sugar
1/4 -1/2 cup of butter
4 peach halves (or other fruit).
4 scoops of ice cream, gelato or about 8 Tablespoons Double Devon cream
½ cup toasted nuts (optional)
1/3 cup Sunshine Coast Olive Oil Aged Cinnamon-Pear Dark Balsamic (enough to drizzle)

Make a reduction from the balsamic by placing it in a pan, adding 1 teaspoon of water, and heating it at a low temperature for about 10-15 minutes, until the balsamic sticks to the back of a spoon.  Set aside.

Take equal amounts of brown sugar and butter and heat them on low heat until the butter and sugar melt into a syrup (about 5 minutes). Add peaches and brown them in the syrup at low heat. If you can brown the inside (the circle around the pit), that would be ideal for presentation

Optional add some brandy and cook off the alcohol.

Place the peaches, hole side up, in individual serving cups.  Spoon in the ice cream or double cream.  Pour remaining syrup over top.  Sprinkle on toasted nuts and drizzle with Aged Cinnamon Pear Dark balsamic reduction.

n.b. Ron and Lucie use their homemade canned peaches but have used canned peaches too. They also use Dark Chocolate Balsamic (without making a reduction).