Episode 12 Tzatziki

This recipe was featured on “Olga’s Greek Kitchen” aired on Eastlink TV in 2021


Needed for this Recipe:

Sunshine Coast Olive Oil Co. Champagne Dark Balsamic

Sunshine Coast Olive Oil Co. Garlic Olive Oil



1 Long English Cucumber

1 Kg Greek Yogurt

1 Tbs Fresh Dill

1 Tbs Garlic Olive Oil

1 Tsp Salt

½ Tsp Pepper

1 Tsp Oregano

1 Tsp Champagne White Balsamic



Peel and grate your cucumber, then squeeze the water from the grated cucumber. In a bowl, mix squeezed cucumber, yogurt, finely chopped dill, olive oil (if you don’t have garlic oil, use regular oil and 3 cloves of garlic), salt, pepper, oregano and balsamic. Serve immediately or chill in the fridge.