Matt’s Espresso-Chocolate Steak Recipe

Matt’s good friend Dave makes the best steak we have ever had…until tonight. Matt has found some not-so-secret ingredients that topped even Dave’s divine grilling skills.

1) Start with a quality cut. Matt purchased a New York Strip steak from Butcher Dave’s in Sechelt.

2) Matt marinated the steak for four hours in the fridge. His measurements are approximate as he was drizzling without measuring.

As a general guideline, the marinade was 1/2 Tablespoon of each of these 4 ingredients (2 Tablespoons in all):

Sunshine Coast Olive Oil Co.’s :
Aged Espresso Dark Balsamic
Aged Dark Chocolate Dark Balsamic,
Garlic Infused Olive Oil
Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Matt chose our Picholine Extra Virgin Olive Oil for its robust flavour and high level of anti-oxidants).

3) He grilled at a medium heat. He chose a lower temperature as he was being careful to not let the natural sugars in the balsamics burn (not even close).

4) Once the steak was off the grill on the plate, he seasoned the steak with fresh-ground sea salt and black pepper. Then he mixed up a fresh batch of espresso and chocolate balsamic and drizzled it over top. (For food safety reasons, don’t use the leftover marinade for this).

5) Fiona ate her share then snuck more off Matt’s plate when he wasn’t looking.