Needed for this recipe:

Sunshine Coast Olive Oil Co. Garlic Olive Oil


1 cup Greek style yogourt

1 ½ tsp. Sunshine Coast Olive Oil Co. Garlic Olive Oil

2 inches of English cucumber

You can also add dill or other herbs, and/or drizzle with an EVOO or flavoured olive oil prior to serving.


n.b. If you can mix the oil into the yogourt the day before, the flavours will blend more and the tzatziki will become more ‘garlicky’.

Blend garlic olive oil into yogourt.

Seed the cucumber and discard the seeds.  Using the large side of a grater, grate the cucumber.


tip:  If it is watery, you can squeeze the excess water out before mixing it into the yogourt

tip: if your cucumber has thick skin, you can peel off half or all of the skin before grating.


Mix cucumber into the yogourt and oil mixture.

Refrigerate at least an hour.


Did you know?

You can make your own thick, lower fat yogourt by straining it in a cheesecloth or through clean kitchen tea towel?

To do this, place cheesecloth in a sieve and put your yogourt on top of the cheesecloth.  Fold the edges of the

cheesecloth loosely over the yogourt to keep it from drying out.  Then suspend the sieve over a bowl to catch the drips. 

Refrigerate overnight.  In the morning you will have ultra-thick yogourt.